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Common Business Purpose:

Rapid, definitive solutions to complex business problems for private industry and government institutions (public-private partnerships). Assumption of demanding national and international mandates covering financial investments, active corporate supervision, corporate management, and intervention and project management (board and committee assignments) on behalf of boards of directors, executive committees, and advisory boards, particularly for corporate groups and governments. Our services also include locating personnel (executive searches) and handling matters in conjunction with the services listed above.

The company co-ordinates are:

1. Adresses:

Executive Managing Group AG
Rietbrunnen 20
CH-8808 Pfäffikon SZ

Phone: +41 (55) 420 44 84
Fax: +41 (55) 420 44 85

web: www.EXMAG.ch
email: info.EXMAG.ch

2. Management:

Dr. Andreas Stoltze (“Präsident des Verwaltungsrates")
Marcel Egli (“Verwaltungsrat”)
Loris Papaleo (“Verwaltungsrat”)

3. Banking Adress:

Bank:   Raiffeisenbank Diepoldsau-Schmitter
Bank Adresse:   Vordere Kirchstr. 2, CH-9444 Diepoldsau
IBAN-Code:   CH4281262000002303872
Account Name:   Executive Managing Group AG
CHF Account No.:   23038.72
EUR Account No.:   23038.84
Swift Code:   RAIF CH 22
Clearing No.:   81262

4. Others:

Commercial Register No.:   CH-
Taxpayer Identification No.:   570 745


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