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Our purpose is substantially to increase the value of our investee companies and then to realise this value, both for ourselves and for our partners, through trade sales or other exit plans.

At EXMAG we passionately believe in value creation through active and strong partnership. Our executive and operative managers have a proven track record of working successfully alongside businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations, to family-run companies, to small-scale businesses, and we understand that every investment requires a tailored approach.

We work in close partnership with:

Entrepreneurs in the targeted industries to turn ideas into businesses

Management teams to fuel ambition and drive results

Intermediaries and vendors to ensure that deals are delivered

Investment partners to create synergies.

We take an active role in the key decisions facing our investee companies. In every business we invest in, we work with the supervisory and management board to achieve our joint, long-term goal of building value for the company. EXMAG offers an exceptionally comprehensive range of venture-capital and private-equity solutions. Our expertise covers all funding stages, from start-ups, through growth capital, to buy-outs. Our venture-capital activities focus on start-up and early-stage companies, with funding requirements generally within the range of €1m to €6m. Our growth-capital activities aim at funding solutions for medium-sized business, usually investing between €10m and €100m. Our buy-out activities target small and mid-market deals, where the transaction value is up to €300m.


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