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Since January 2005 EXMAG has offered small-scale business promotion for innovative technology start-ups. The investment criteria are:

Target companies:

Sales €10m or total liabilities & equity €10m

Employees < 50

Company not older than 5 years by the time of filing the application


Innovative technology companies with new product ideas and their own patents, wanting to finance market entry

Relevant research and development is done by the company itself

Total investment:

Maximum: €6m

EXMAG's stake in shares/stocks as lead investor: < 50%

companies' shares/stocks: 50%, 25% being held by the companies'management

If you fulfil the following four criteria, then please do not hesitate to contact us:

You have a clear and attractive value proposition

You hold new and patentable technology, with a clear commercial application

You have an opportunity to gain a large share of a new or expanding market

You have formed an exceptional management team with a proven track record

If you would like to submit an unsolicited business plan, select the link below, and we shall get in touch with you within three working days.



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