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Marcel Egli (Finance Director):

Marcel Egli has an extensive management background in banking. He is the owner of a group of auditor firms in Switzerland.


EXMAG prescribes the following job requirements for its management staff:

No less than fifteen years of professional experience, coupled with an impressive track record

Of which at least five must have been in a top-management position (CEO, MD, Vice-President)

Hands-on experience relevant to our service offering (e.g. investment banking, corporate loans, turn-around management)

Our managers' experience includes the following sectors:

financial services


mechanical engineering

basic commodities

information technology (IT)

If you are an executive manager in one of our industrial target sectors or an executive in corporate and investment banking, if you fulfil EXMAG's job requirements outlined above, and if you are interested in joining us, then select the link below and we shall contact you within three working days.



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