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In order to strengthen our international network of investors, banks, and managers at the executive level, we offer these groups a specific consulting service.

For 20 years our managers have helped business leaders address their greatest challenges, from reorganising for long-term growth, to improving business performance and maximising revenue. In certain cases, we consult and transfer our knowledge in our business fields development and rescue.

Here is a league table of the top seven issues with which we have been confronted by entrepreneurs and corporate leaders over the last three years:

Entire mergers and acquisitions

Deal structuring

Efficiency-boosting programmes (in management sectors): corporate planning /control, sales / marketing, production, supply-chain management

Build-up and expansion of sales (especially internationalisation)

Selection of production sites

Strategic redimensioning

Outsourcing programmes

If you would like to get in contact with us, then select the link below, write us a short message, and we shall touch base with you within three working days.



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