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Our turnaround services are designed for companies suffering a liquidity crisis or threatened with closure of business. In general, the rescue of ailing companies means a combination of four elements to us:

Task force management (short-term):

Instant measures to release liquidity

Financial turnaround (medium-term):

Securing corporate funding

Internal-debt clearance

Fresh capital (organisation of equity funding and of mezzanine and bank funding)

Operational turnaround (long-term):

By a new strategy, management, organisation and systems

Behavioural turnaround (long-term):

By a new organisational culture

We have worked in the past for all parties concerned with companies which have been close to filing for bankruptcy (shareholders, creditors, and boards). Our client groups stand to benefit from our broad and exceptional experience base. Depending on the client we serve, we have split our turnaround services in three categories:

Interim and crisis management (for shareholders and creditors):

Taking over management of companies for a limited period in crisis situations

Turnaround consulting (for supervisory and management boards):

Reviewing of survival chances and securing continued trading

Preparing turn-around plans

Controlling implementation

Creditor coaching:

Consulting with banks and other creditors with regard to restructuring, impending insolvency, insolvency and winding-up

As agreed with clients, EXMAG will either provide a complete management team (full and interim management) or assist existing management staff (standby management) until ultimate goals have been achieved.

Our dedication to client confidentiality makes it difficult for us to take you behind the scenes of our turn-around projects. But we have pulled together a couple of sample engagements, which we hope provide a glimpse into how successfully we work:

Case 1: Service provider with CHF2.3bn sales; 7,000 employees (completed)
Case 2: Mechanical engineering with €25m sales, 300 employees (completed)
Case 3: Automotive supplier with $300m sales, 1500 employees (completed)

If you are a shareholder, an executive manager or a creditor and you believe that your company, or the company concerned, is suffering a liquidity crisis or is threatened with the possibility of going out of business, and if you would like to discuss a realistic and sustainable rescue approach, please select the link below, and we shall get in touch with you within three working days.



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