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EXMAG acquires companies in critical situations, to develop them - using EXMAG's own executive managers and their own resources - into competitive and profitable enterprises.

The members of our executive-management team possess in-depth restructuring and turnaround know-how across many sectors of the capital-goods industry and have demonstrated their skills very successfully in the past.

Target companies are characterised by the following investment criteria:

Acquisition of SMEs in crisis situations

Purchase of corporate divisions within groups

Sales > $10m

Majority stake in shares/stocks is possible (> 50%)

Total investment (purchase price, ancillary costs, restructuring costs, reserves): $10m - 300m

Investment by EXMAG investor pool and/or other investors

Active on-site turn-around management

Prestigious supervisory/advisory boards

Turnaround and exit possible within 3 - 5 years

If you are a shareholder, an executive manager or a creditor and you believe that your company, or the company concerned, is over-indebted and/or is nearing insolvency, and if you would like to discuss a financial investment through EXMAG, or to submit a completed business plan, please do not hesitate to communicate with us. Select the link below and we shall get in touch with you within three working days.



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